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Hello! I am Kit. I am finishing my MPhil in Psychology degree (completed and passed everything plus thesis, with minor official graduation procedures to be completed). I obtained my bachelor degree from HKU in 2019. I am interested in Social-Cognitive Psychology, Emotions (e.g. Anxiety, Regret), Judgment and Decision Making (JDM), especially in Health-Medical settings, and Open/Meta Science. I am looking for research PhD opportunities in the intersection of JDM and Mental Health:

1) Mental health promotion/communication, framing, adjustments based on individual and cultural moderators, and treatment utilization,

2) Shared/collaborative decision making, decision training, and boosting,

3) Heuristics and biases, action-inaction, regulatory focus, risk attitudes, risk preferences, and risk perceptions of treatments of clinicians and service users,

4) Evidence-based decision making in mental health settings – e.g. improving scientific literacy and JDM of clinicians and service users,

5) Perceived judgments, perceived and self stigma, perceived risks, perceived benefits, cognitive biases in decisions of disclosure/non-disclosure of mental health difficulties and help-seeking,

6) JDM of mental health conditions and developmental conditions.

Above are some examples that I am interested in (I will probably focus on one or two topics above during PhD), open to other suggestions/topics.


Published Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Yeung*, S. K., Yay*, T., & Feldman*^, G. (2021). Action and inaction in moral judgments and decisions: ‎Meta-analysis of Omission-Bias omission-commission asymmetries. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. OSF

Chandrashekar*, S. P., Yeung*, S. K., Yau*, K., Cheung, C., Agarwal, T., Wong, C., Pillai, T.,
Thirlwell, T., Leung, W., Li, Y., Tse, C., Cheng, B., Chan, C., Feldman^, G. (2021). Agency and self-other asymmetries in perceived bias and shortcomings: Replications of the Bias Blind Spot and extensions linking to free will beliefs. Judgment and Decision Making. Link OSF

Brick*, C., Fillon*, A., Yeung*, S. K., Lyu*, H., Wang*, M., Ho*, J., Wong*, S., Feldman^, G. (2021). Self-interest is overestimated for others’ preferences: Two successful replications of Miller and Ratner (1998). Collabra: Psychology, 7 (1), 23443. OSF

Ziano*, I., Xiao*, Q., Yeung*, S. K., Wong*, C., Cheung*, M., Lo*, J., Yan*, M., Narendra*, G., Kwan*, L., ‎Chow*, C., Man*, C., & Feldman^, G. (2021). Numbing or Sensitization? Replications and ‎Extensions of Fetherstonhaugh et al. (1997)’s ‎“Insensitivity to the Value of Human ‎Life”‎. ‎Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 97, 104222. OSF

*Joint first authors; ^Corresponding author

Many-Region/Lab Collaborations

Wang, K., Goldenberg, A., Dorison, C.A., Miller, J.K., Lerner, J.S., Gross, J.J., … Yeung, S. K., … Moshontz, H. (2021). A multi-country test of brief reappraisal interventions on emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nature Human Behaviour, 5, 1089-1110. OSF

Tierney, W., Hardy, J., III., Ebersole, C., Leavitt, K., Viganola, D., Clemente, E., Gordon, M., Dreber, A., Johannesson, M., Pfeiffer, T., Hiring Decisions Forecasting Collaboration, & Uhlmann, E. (2020). Creative destruction in science. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 161, 291-309. OSF [Member of forecasting collaboration, in which I forecasted the effect sizes of the studies and suggested edits/changes to the manuscript].

Tierney, W., Hardy, J. H., III., Ebersole, C., Viganola, D., Clemente, E., Gordon, M., Hoogeveen, S., Haaf, J., Dreber, A.A., Johannesson, M., Pfeiffer, T., Chapman, H., Gantman, A., Vanaman, M., DeMarree, K., Igou, E., Wylie, J., Storbeck J., Andreychik, M.R., McPhetres, J., Vaughn, L.A., Culture and Work Forecasting Collaboration, & Uhlmann, E. L. (2021). A creative destruction approach to replication: Implicit work and sex morality across cultures. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 93, 104060 [Member of forecasting collaboration, in which I forecasted the effect sizes of the studies and suggested edits/changes to the manuscript].

Note: Authorships of the above publications and below preprints (including many-region/lab collaborations) are based on CRediT – Contributor Roles Taxonomy ( All projects require fulfilling at least 2 roles to be authors. Joint-first-authorships require substantial more contributions.

Tools/Preprints/Under Review/To Be Revised/Resubmitted

Yeung, S. K., & Feldman, G. (2021). Action-Inaction Asymmetries in Emotions and Counterfactual Thoughts: Meta-Analysis of the Action Effect [Registered Report Stage 1]

Van den Akker, O., Peters, G.-J. Y., Bakker, C., Carlsson, R., Coles, N. A., Corker, K. S., Feldman, G., Mellor, D., Moreau, D., Nordström, T., Pfeiffer, N., Pickering, J., Rigelman, A., Topor, M., van Veggel, N., & Yeung, S. K. (2021). Inclusive systematic review registration form.

Ziano*, I., Yeung*, S. K., Lee*, C. S., Shi, J., & Feldman*^, G. (2021). Examining the impact of effort on perceived quality and value by revisiting “The Effort Heuristic”: Mixed results of close replications of Kruger et al. (2004).

Topor, M., Pickering, J. S., Barbosa Mendes, A., Bishop, D. V. M., Büttner, F. C., Henderson, E. L., Kalandadze, T., Nitschke, F., Staaks, J., van den Akker, O., Yeung, S. K.,… Westwood, S. J. (2021). An integrative framework for planning and conducting Non-Interventional, Reproducible, and Open Systematic Reviews (NIRO-SR).

*Evans, T., *Yeung, S. K., *Mui, K., *Poon, K., *Nam, G., *Zhu, M., *Kwok, S. & ^Feldman, G. (2021). Revisiting the s-shaped model for the affective psychology of risk: Two replications and extensions of Rottenstreich and Hsee (2001)  [Registered Report Stage 1].

Legate, N., Nguyen, T. T., Weinstein, N., Moller, A. C., Legault, L., Maniaci, M. R., … Yeung, S. K., … Primbs, M. (2021). A Global Experiment on Motivating Social Distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Dorison, C. A., Lerner, J. S., Heller, B. H., Rothman, A. J., Kawachi, I. I., Wang, K., Psychological Science Accelerator, & Coles, N. A. (2021). Loss versus gain message framing influences self-reported anxiety, but not behavioral intentions, policy attitudes, or information seeking related to COVID-19: Experimental evidence from 84 countries. [One of the coauthors in Psychological Science Accelerator]

Parsons, S., Azevedo, F., Aczel, B., Elsherif, M., Miranda, J., Micheli, L., … Yeung, S. K., … Aczel. B. (2021). A Community-Sourced Glossary of Open Scholarship Terms. Link

*Joint first authors; ^Corresponding author

Work in Progress

Yeung*, S. K., Feldman*^, G., Fillon, A., Protzko, J., Elsherif, M., Xiao, Q., Pickering, J., & Moreau, D. (2021). Experimental Studies Meta-Analysis Registered Report Templates. [Work in Preparation]***

Fillon, A., Feldman, G., Xiao, Q., Elsherif, M., Yeung, S. K., Nanakdewa, K., Protzko, J., Brick, C., & Moreau, D. (2021). Correlational Studies Meta-Analysis Registered Report Templates. [Work in Preparation]***

Feldman*^, G., Chandrashekar, S.P., Yeung, S. K., Xiao, Q., Fillon, A., & Henne, P. (2021). What is action, what is inaction? Clarifying action-inaction in judgment and decision making and recommendations for term use and typology. [Work in Preparation]

Feldman, G., Xiao, Q., & Yeung, S. K. (2021). Effect Size and Confidence Intervals Collaborative Guide. [Work in Preparation]

Feldman, G., Xiao, Q., & Yeung, S. K. (2021). Power Analysis Collaborative Guide. [Work in Preparation]

Feldman, G., Xiao, Q., Yeung, S. K. (2021). Pre-registered replications & extensions  
collaborative manual/guide.
[Work in Preparation]

Yeung, S. K., & Feldman, G. (2021). Revisiting temporal pattern of regret in action and inaction. Replication and Responsibility Extensions of Gilovich and Medvec (1994). [Work in Preparation]

Feldman, G., & Yeung, S. K. (2021). Registered Replication Report Assessment collaborative template. [Work in Preparation]

Yeung, S. K., & Lam, A. (2021). Mental Health and Developmental Conditions Lived Experience Research – Potential Benefits and Possible Biases, and Future Directions. [Work in Preparation]

Feldman, G., Yeung, S. K., Rubin, M., & Elsherif, M. (2021). Statistics best practices collaborative guide. [Work in Preparation]

Feldman, G., & Yeung, S. K. (2021). Quantitative Manuscript Peer Review Collaborative Template. [Work in Preparation]

Feldman, G., Yeung, S. K., & Wong, C. H. (2021). Collaborative Qualtrics guide. [Work in Preparation]

Yeung, S. K., Feldman, G., & Chandrashekar, P. (2021). Action-inaction asymmetries: Contrasting classic action-inaction biases. [Work in Preparation]

Leung*, J. S. Y., Yeung*, S. K., Geiger*, S., Doshi*, M., Kim*, G., Ng*, W. T., Xiao*, Q., & Feldman*^, G. (2021). Revisiting attribute framing as tax or offset in environmental decisions among Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, with extensions on self-efficacy in remedying climate change and perceived consequences of climate change. [Work in Preparation]

Kovacs, M., Szekely, Z., Aczel, B., Pennington, C., & Yeung, S. K. (2021). Post-registration: Recording deviations from pre-registration. [Work in Preparation]

*Joint first authors

**Order/Tier of my authorship will be decided.

***For some of the above work, the authors list may be updated, as there will likely be more collaborators

Note: Some of the above are open collaborative guides/templates/tools/resources for research methods and statistics with procedures using open and reproducible programs or methods (e.g. RMD code, Packages, Jamovi), but not novel work on statistical models or methods. See P. 11 of, my MPhil advisor Dr. Gilad Feldman CV for the full list, in which I am involved in some of them. We will submit these to journals later after more pre-testing and proof-of-concept.

  • Replication-Extensions
  • A major hallmark of science is replicability and credibility of findings. We replicate notable classic or influential studies, make some adjustments with well-powered diverse, sometimes cross-regional samples, and add extensions to gain additional novel and potentially meaningful insights. I have been involved in several replication-extension projects, regularly do peer reviews and provide guidance, as a tutor, for replication-extension studies in Social-Cognitive Psychology, Emotions, Judgment and Decision Making by HKU students, led by Dr. Feldman and other researchers. Some of these studies are medical-health or environmental JDM studies. Check for details. This mass replication-extensions project received nomination and selection for Society for Improving Psychological Science Commendation in 2020.
  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
  • I have led two meta-analyses (e.g. see Yeung et al., 2021 Omission Bias Meta-Analysis), and I have been involved in several projects aiming to reduce errors/facilitate error-checking and improve the quality, transparency, and reproducibility of meta-analyses and systematic reviews, with collaborators from different regions.
  • Global Multi-Lab Empirical Studies
  • I have been involved in empirical multi-lab cross-regional collaborations (e.g. global mental health and health behavior projects with Psychological Science Accelerator during COVID-19). We believe that to drive science and humanity forward, more well-powered and diverse samples from different cultures and continents and collaborative team science are essential and potentially very meaningful.
  • Journals Reviews Experiences
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Scientific Reports
  • Cognition and Emotion
  • I enjoy doing peer reviews. I provide comprehensive and very constructive feedback with suggestions. Feel free to contact me.


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